Three Commercial Companies To Compete For DARPA’S Launch Challenge

Three Commercial Companies To Compete For DARPA’S Launch Challenge

The U.S. based agency created a challenge for rocket launch operation which will award the winner millions of dollars.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has designed a challenge called the “Launch Challenge”, where the commercial companies will get a chance to prove their rocket manufacturing capabilities. The companies will have to manufacture their rockets and launch them on a very short notice. DARPA has selected three finalists to display their skills in the next stage of the challenge.

The three final competitors are Vector Launch, a company that is known to manufacture nano-satellites, VOX Space, a subsidiary of Virgin Orbit and the third finalist is an anonymous competitor. All the three competitors in 2020, will attempt to launch their manufactured rockets in the low orbit of the Earth. The finalists have no idea from where they are going to launch their rockets, the orbits they will be assigned and the payload the rockets are expected to carry. Furthermore, they have been instructed to use minimal infrastructure. The subsidiary of Virgin Orbit will launch its manufactured rockets from the Boeing aircraft, the Vector Launch is depended on its advanced launch technology, whereas there are no whereabouts of the third competitor.

Every team has received US$ 400,000 dollars to undertake their project. If the teams successfully complete their first launch, they will be awarded a cash prize of US$ 2 million dollars. On completion of the second launch, they will be ranked according to their skills receiving US$ 10 million dollars, US$ 9 million dollars and US$ 8 million dollars, respectively.

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