Arcimoto’s “Deliverator” Specially Designed For Deliveries

Arcimoto’s “Deliverator” Specially Designed For Deliveries

The EV Oregon based company opened pre-orders for “Deliverator” to cater local deliveries.

Arcimoto, an electric vehicle company has opened pre-order and pre-sales for three-wheeled electric vehicle. The concept is stemmed to the fact that the vehicle will be used for local deliveries. The Deliverator is a hybrid of car and a motorcycle. It can travel 100 miles in one time charge and runs at the top speed of 75 miles per hour. The electric vehicle will cost around US$ 19,900.

The Deliverator has the capacity to carry 350 pounds and has cargo space of more than twenty cubic feet. The compact vehicle allows the driver to carry different items, from pharmaceuticals to groceries and pizzas. The company visualizes this vehicle to be a better alternative to the trucks and vans used in deliveries, thereby ensuring that they cover only less space on the roads and have ability to travel narrow spaces in the city. Being an electrically powered vehicle it also ensures that there is no contribution to carbon footprint.

Arcimoto in the recent past has designed small-footprint vehicles specially designed to enforce law services, maintain security and meet emergencies. The li-ion battery operated vehicle runs at the top speed of 75 miles per hour up to 100 miles and requires charging time of four to eight hours. The FUV evergreen edition is fitted with heated grips and seats, has detachable doors, Bluetooth speakers, rear storage can be locked, a magnetic holder for coffee cup and warranty for three years. According to the company website, the Deliverator is the third model manufactured by Arcimoto since its inception. These small vehicles will lower costs, increase revenue and give better experience to the customer and are best suited for local business centers to cater deliveries and gig drivers.

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