Android And iOS Offer Simple Set Up Tracking Location In Emergencies

Android And iOS Offer Simple Set Up Tracking Location In Emergencies

Systems in smartphones allow sharing location with near ones in case of emergencies through easy-setup.

Android and iOS based smartphones have simple set-up systems to share live location with a close relative or friend in case one witnesses an emergency. It also allows one to check up on individuals by detecting movements and requesting them for location.

The Apple built in emergency system allows one to call 911 and send a text message to a group of trusted contacts. The “Health App” in iOS has a “Medical ID” tab, after clicking on the “Edit” option, an “Add emergency contact” tag will be listed and one can add as many contacts as desired. In case a person owns iPhone 8 or above model, one has to press the switch off button along with volume button or simply click the “Emergency SOS” displayed on the screen. Holding the buttons until the countdown will immediately enable the 911 call and with disconnecting the phone, all the trusted contacts will be sent a message giving details about your location. In case an individual owns an iPhone 7, the power button can be pressed five times and drag the Emergency SOS option to have the same process done.

In case of Android phones, lock the display screen and an “Emergency” option will be displayed at the corner of the screen. Tap on the option and then tap on “Emergency information”, a pencil like symbol will appear for one to add contacts after unlocking the screen. The Android based phone will also allow one to feed in important information such as medical conditions or blood group.

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