Ablechair Lets Wheelchair Users Rise, Recline, Stand and Lay Down

Ablechair Lets Wheelchair Users Rise, Recline, Stand and Lay Down

The Ablechair is a versatile wheelchair design that allows users to easily switch between wide varieties of positions via a companion smartphone app.

The Ablechair is similar to a joystick-controlled motorized wheelchair that functions like a forklift, and allows users the independence to remain either seated or in a variety of other useful positions. Aided by brushless motors, arduino controllers and sensors, users can be seated as low as ground level, or standing up with the support of armrests and an optional harness. Furthermore, the chair is assembled in such a way that one can tilt the seat back in a gentle recline, or lie down flat on the back.

This can provide users with the sense of independence, and also prevent a range of health issues. A task such as grabbing something off the top of a shelf can be executed independently through the chair’s seat elevation capacity. Similarly, transferring oneself to the floor to lie-down or pick something up can be achieved freely. The health benefits are achieved through more movement as users are able to stretch their muscles, avoid ulcers, and improve bone density.

The Ablechair can also serve as a rehabilitation tool for gait therapy. In addition to armrests and optional harness, the seat of the chair is equipped with controlled weight bearing. This will allow users to slip in and out of the chair with ease. The Ablechair operates at speeds up to 6.4 km/h (4 mph) and can reach 24 to 32 km (15 to 20 miles) on each charge of its twin 12 V batteries. The makers of this versatile wheelchair are currently funding it on Kickstarter with an eventual goal of $20,000. The product will be ready for shipping in October 2019 and is available on Kickstarter at $7,995.

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